4 March 2012


Busses are not good urban citizens. They do carry a lot of people at a relatively low cost, but there are a lot of things they don't do well: they don't play well with other vehicles, they are a menace to pedestrians, they don't maneuver very well, they are a visual blight. They serve a specific need in public transportation, but over the years as transportation agencies have tried to control costs, buses have turned into hissing, grunting leviathans.


I'll grant that the leviathans and other large busses do fine in dedicated busways and transit stops, but they are simply awful loose on the streets.

New-Routemaster-Bus copy

The London Routemaster is different. The doubled decked configuration and easy rider access, allows for capacity, maneuverability and quick stops. Its been a staple of the London transportation system, so it was a tragedy when they were phased out a few years ago. Fortunately, a new design has been rolled out, and they are just hitting the streets of London. Its a crisp update with low emissions and accessibility features added to the iconic red shape.

I wish the Northern Ireland manufacturer, Wrightbus would make these an item for export.

Here is a link to an article on the rollout from the

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